SUPER ROCKET SHOOTOUT is a 2D local multiplayer platform brawler packed with fast action and intense shootings!
Meet the Good Twin, the Evil Twin, El Bruto and Maurice, four bank robbers with great anger management issues. The problem is that any heist they can come up with always turns wrong (a bank, a high-tech factory, an oil drilling platform, even a graveyard!) and they can't help but to settle the score by shooting at each other! Who will have the last word? It's up to you and your fighting skill to find out!

  • Local multiplayer brawler up to 4 players
  • Fast paced action based on jetpack and shotgun mechanics
  • Highly destructible and interactive stages
  • Combat system inspired by the fighting game genre : build up combos, fill up your Super Bar and perform some decisive Special Moves, Counter and Super Attacks 
  • Various game modes : Deathmatch, Team Deathmach, Capture the flag, Coop, Challenges
  • 4 different environments with their own gameplay twists: the Rooftops, the Factory, the Oil Platform and the Graveyard
  • 8 playable characters
  • Tons of items, pickups, powerdowns...



State of development

Most of the main gameplay mechanics are done and working. 2 of the 4 worlds are almost finished and 4 of the 8 playable characters are also finished. Sounds are  70% done and I may have at least 10 music tracks ready to be polished  and integrated. Right now, the multiplayer alpha version plays very well and I'll be soon releasing a demo for people all over the world to test.

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