• Super Rocket Shootout (WIP)

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Super Rocket Shootout is a quite big project (for a one-man team at least) that is currently in progress: it's a couch multiplayer brawler in the same vein as Samurai Gunn or Towerfall but with a twist of the fighting game genre.

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  • A Logical Dive 

A Logical Dive is a small game I made for the Cyberpunk Gamejam 2014: it's a puzzle platformer set in a futuristic ambiance where you will help Tyrell and Pops reach the bottom of four levels.

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And I made a post-mortem for it, if you want to know more about the process and the after thoughts.

  • Assasseed's Crin

Assasseed's Crin (I hope I won't get any copyright problem for messing with the original title) is a small game I've made for the Mini Ludum Dare 50: help Altzio kill as much targets as he can during the given time.

It's a demake of Assassin's creed, and also maybe some sort of parody. It's really not intended to make fun of the original game nore its gameplay, but it may feel like it.

Disclaimer: This game is not related to or endorsed by Ubisoft Entertainment. Ubisoft Entertainment is the owner of all copyright and trademark rights on Assassin’s Creed. Oddly Shaped Pixels does not claim any copyright or trademark right on the elements based on Ubisoft’s franchise “Assassin’s Creed”.

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  • Digable Planet

Digable Planet is my entry for Ludum Dare 29 and was made in 48 hours.
You're missioned by the Empire governor to dig a planet in order to find the one artefact that could save Mankind. Try not to drill the core planet and prevent the attacks of the native in order to find it!

You can play it on

Here's the Ludum Dare entry
  • Guns, Beats n' Dragons

Guns, Beats n' Dragons is my entry for LowrezJam 2014 and was made in something like 2 weeks.
It's a small tribute to games like Super Smash TV or, more recently, The Binding of Isaac. Shoot your way through the dragon's lair, pick up some better weapons, power up your life bar and fight the final boss to make the best score possible.

You can play it on Gamejolt

  • Super Hyper Hippo

Super Hyper Hippo is my entry for the Gameboy Jam #3 and was made in 10 days.
It's a small platformer a la Wario made of 5 levels and a boss fight. The twist is in the ability (just like Wario) to dash and destroy boulders or parts of the level. There's good replay value since, for each level, you'll have to find the hidden orbs and beat a chrono time in order to get all the medals.

You can play it on or Gamejolt
  • Awe

Awe is my entry for the Ludum Dare #30, whose theme was "Connected worlds", that I made in 3 days (couldn't fit in the 48 hours compo limitation for personal stuffs). It's a relaxing musical puzzle about finding patterns of colors to spawn trees, clouds and mountains on a planet. It can be played offline but the real experience is online: try to establish communication with a total stranger solely by playing notes and together, build a beautiful planet!

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  • Atticus VII

Atticus VII is a game I had the opportunity to make for the Ludum Dare #31 with Deconstructeam and Kevin Cerdá. It's a space cluedo where you play a ship's AI. It has a fascinating story and a great replay value with 12 differents endings. Maintain the ship, try to find who the murderer is, interfere with the ship's mission? What will you do? Will you have time to find out everything?

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